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Landscape Gardeners Glasgow


Are you bored with looking at your garden the way it has been for years? Maybe you want a change of look? In the beginning it can be overwhelming when you set out to decide upon the people you want to hire. There can be so many options to help you accomplish the garden redesign you are looking for. At Simply Gardening we are committed to offering the whole service so that you don’t have to worry about the minute detail that goes into Landscape Design and Development in the Glasgow area.


One of our landscape designers will begin with a survey of your garden and will offer a completely bespoke approach to the design according to your requirements. He will look at different options such as deciding upon the placement of artificial and natural structures including fountains, sculptures, flower beds and pathways, all based upon the ideas that you have in mind. This will help you achieve the desired look before work begins. This design will then be used for the actual construction. A landscape architect may be involved if the design has large structures or sculptures for which load bearing requirements need to be considered.


We work using a very simple process. A garden designer will then decide upon the planting, all other natural elements and the horticulture involved. The flower beds, shrubs and all of the greenery is then considered and planned accordingly. This design will be used by the landscaper to carry out all of the physical building of flower beds, placement of pots and positioning of the earth in general. The landscaper will move the earth, lay the turf, create the flower beds and lay down the paving. All the moving of bulky material and removal of waste will be carried out by our landscapers.


All you need to do is hire us and we’ll do everything possible to remove the stress from the process for you. A good and reputable landscape gardener combines all of the horticultural as well as architectural elements of your garden’s design and work – we believe that we follow this model. You can expect a strong focus on your ideas and constant involvement in the planning phase in order to achieve exactly what you have in mind. Client satisfaction is our first priority at Simply Gardening and we will ensure your approval and satisfaction with the plan before the work is started. All you have to do is sit and back and wait for your incredible new garden to take shape.


In the end, we aim to provide a beautiful garden as part of your home to provide you with an amazing result for your family and friends to enjoy. At Simply Gardening we pride ourselves in our care and attention to detail. Give us a call today to get started.