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Artificial Grass Glasgow


There are lots of things to consider before investing in the artificial grass; Glasgow residents, in particular, have several incentives. The wet and humid Scottish weather makes grass grow very quickly resulting in the constant need for grass maintenance. There are a lot more justifications for switching to synthetic grass:


  1. No Watering – The desert is not the best place to grow a lush lawn. Grass requires regular, deep irrigation that the sandy soil in Glasgow does not support. In addition to this, the intensity of the sun will cause lawns to turn an unsightly brown or yellow colour if they are not adequately watered. Water conservation is also an argument for switching to synthetic grass. Glasgow area residents use up to 50% of their household water for outdoor use, including lawns. An easy-to-maintain lawn made from artificial grass will significantly reduce water consumption, and it will always be uniformly green, even in a drought.
  1. No Mowing – Even if you have an enterprising teenager to mow the lawn for you, it is still a household chore that must be managed. Mowers also contribute to fuel consumption, air and noise pollution and yard waste.
  1. No Fertilizing – Healthy lawns require adequate nutrients in the form of fertiliser. The reduction of chemical fertiliser use is a very strong argument for artificial grass. Glasgow area soils do not contain enough nutrients to support a lawn without the use of fertilisers, so their application is unavoidable unless plant-free landscaping solutions like synthetic grass are employed.
  1. Fewer Pests – Because artificial grass Glasgow does not have to be watered, there is less standing water to attract insects and provide a home for larvae. There is also no allergens or pollen to trigger allergies, and of course and the artificial lawn is weed-free!
  1. Save Money – All of the above benefits of artificial grass will save you money in the long run. Water savings can be the most substantial, but even the cost of mowing and fertilising year after year adds up.


In many ways, this product is safer than its natural counterpart. It does not contain many of the microorganisms, hard materials, pesticides, and herbicides that can be harmful to children, pets, and adults. For example, the softer materials that it is made of can help to prevent those who play on it avoid injuries the knees, ankles, and head. Artificial Grass in Glasgow is an investment that is good for both the environment and your wallet. A one-time installation will save you countless hours of maintenance and your lawn will look better than ever and our unique partnership with ‘Wonderlawn’ gives us the opportunity to provide you with a world class service.


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